Sunday, July 02, 2006

opening statement

I love to talk about local theatre. I love to talk about plays, bitch about bad actors, dish the latest gossip about who's directing what, where, when, and why. I can't get enough of it. But other people who have less specific addictions, like movies or porn, have places, many places, to while away their time on the internet. I do share a passion for film with many others out there, and I thank the film gods that I have, rottentomatoes, boxofficemojo, and thefilmexperience to study and memorize and talk about and obsess over, respectively.

But where do I go to talk about local theatre? Hell, where do I even go to obsess about theatre in general? I'm sure there must be some site I'm missing, but the various theatre IMDB-knockoffs, theatrehistory, and American Theatre Web just don't cut it. Perhaps it's just hard to get into gossiping over productions that one hasn't seen. But I have seen shows in this town, and I want a place to talk about them. Mayhaps Knox theatre people will Google themselves, find that they are referenced here, and participate in this crazy forum that is blogging. One can only hope...


Anonymous hydehed said...

I pleased to have found this website. I really can't remember exactly how I got here, but it was because of Hedwig and looking to find out more about Joe. :)
Anyway... would there be any interest in starting a theater discussion club that meets every month or so? Sort of like a book club. I would absolutely love to gab about productions locally and hear from others about things I may or may not have seen. I go to NYC 2-3 times a year and try to see as much as possible there, and would welcome discussion on that level as well. By the way... Hedwig rocked!!!!!

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