Sunday, July 02, 2006

Top Ten Lists Are Fun

Because I'm slightly obsessed with reading other people's categorizations of movies, especially come Oscar time, I feel it's only appropriate for me to create a top ten list of my own.

Top Ten Most Anticipated Shows of Summer '06!

10. Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love (The Actors Co-op)

This risky venture marks the Co-op's first foray into live gay sex. Kidding. Kinda. Knoxville theatre hasn't been this gay since the News Sentinel had ACT's Corpus Christi on the front page above fold back in '03.

9. The Guys (Oak Ridge Playhouse)

Timely, passionate theatre is always more interesting that non-timely, dispassionate theatre, so this production has the potential to be great. It is my hope that patriotic flag waving won't get in the way of portraying the real strength and grief of the boys of the NYFD in this production that commemorates the WTC attack.

8. Henry V (Tennessee Stage Company)

The only reason I want to see this is to watch Leigh Hruby as the titular character. If she can pull it off, someone get her a ticket to Broadway. If you saw her brilliance in Proof in the CBT lab, that may be all the proof you need...

7. Momma Mia (Broadway in Knoxville)

So, okay, this isn't exactly local theatre; it's the non-Equity tour that's rolling in to the Knoxville Civic Auditorium. But hey, I'd still like to see why the hell people love this show so goddamned much.

6. Hello Dolly! (Oak Ridge Playhouse)

Dana Wham is one of my favorite musical singers to sit and listen to. Dammit, I only have a couple more days to see it...

5. Born Yesterday (Clarence Brown Theatre)

Okay, so I'm not really looking forward to this. But pickings are slim when you're trying to name 10 Knoxville theatre productions in one literal season that you want to see. In fairness, CBT shows are always pretty, even if they are sometimes badly acted (for a prof. company), badly directed (for a prof. company), and completely pandering to the blue hairs with all the money. With new artistic director Calvin MacLean at the helm, it'll be interesting to see if the CBT returns to its liberal Nazi-play glory days of the recent past or if we get yet more Always, Patsy Clines.

4. West Side Story (Morristown Theatre Guild)

Micah-Shane Brewer is one of the most talented theatre treasures we have working in the Knoxville area, and he's not really even in the Knoxville area. Setting up camp in Morristown, Micah-Shane runs The Theatre Guild, one of those small-town troupes that has been around since the crack of dawn. This production makes the list (even though it closes tomorrow afternoon) because it was so suprisingly good. Yes, it's community theatre. I mean, c'mon, it's Morristown. But Micah-Shane has a knack for making you forget where you are and for making sure that you thoroughly enjoy yourself.

3. Urinetown: The Musical (Morristown Theatre Guild)

Why is it that all the cool shows are way out in Morristown? Micah-Shane Brewer. Last year it was Bat Boy, this year it's the show about pee. And next year? It wouldn't surprise me if Spamalot ended up on the playbill.

2. The Miracle (The Miracle Theatre)

You've seen the giant billboards on your way to Asheville. Maybe even on your way to Dollywood. I can't think of a potentially better night than to go to Gatlinburg, throw a few back, and crawl on into the Miracle Theatre and see the spectacular Spectacular about the Greatest Showman of All, Jesus.

1. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Actors Co-op)

I friggin' love Hedwig. Here's hoping the music rocks!


Blogger glasshole said...

The Music. Rocks.

I'll see your Miracle and raise you dinner at the Dixie Stampede.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

You are a self-promotion machine. Though I agree with you completely, you managed to mention CORPUS CHRISTI and HEDWIG in your 2nd blog. I am in awe.

7:41 AM  

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