Thursday, July 20, 2006

[insert theatre company]'s website blows

The News-Sentinel ran this piece yesterday about the Carpetbag Theatre:

Theater question to council again

I realized when reading it that I know absolutely nothing about the Carpetbag Theatre. Have they been on break recently? Their website advertises a new piece (one assumedly celebrating the Carpetbag's 30+ years), but it doesn't say when or where the show is being put on. I also realized that I would like to rank the Knoxville Theatre Websites, from best to last.

1. Oak Ridge Playhouse

Theatre interest generated: ****
Professionalism: ****
Up-to-date-ness: ***

Sometimes I think the website is more polished than the choreography onstage. My only complaint is that the Archives section is always under construction, and I want to look at all the pretty pictures, dammit.

2. Clarence Brown Theatre

Theatre interest generated: *
Professionalism: ****
Up-to-date-ness: ****

The Clarence Brown ONLY comes in at number two due to the rest of the competition sucking so hard. The site used to be more interesting, but about three years ago it got sucked into the mainframe of the UT system's website, and thereby lost its individuality. Now it looks just as likely to be a Bursar Office page as it does a Theatre Department page. The excitement about theatre generated by the CBT's website is low. Very low.

3. Morristown Theatre Guild

Theatre interest generated: **
Professionalism: **
Up-to-date-ness: ***

While not the most complicated of sites, the Guild's page is updated regularly and can be counted on when looking for show and ticket information.

4. The Carpetbag Theatre

Theatre interest generated: **
Professionalism: ***
Up-to-date-ness: *

While generally not badly done, the site doesn't ever mention when any shows are. Do they even do anything in town?

5. Tennessee Stage Company

Theatre interest generated: **
Professionalism: **
Up-to-date-ness: **

Not exactly an HTML smorgasbord, at least the site kinda mentions what's generally going on with the Company.

6. The Actors Co-op

Theatre interest generated: **
Professional-ness: ***
Up-to-date-ness: *

Their ranking would dramatically rise if they would update the site into the new season! The Co-op redeems itself, however, through their use of myspace.


Anonymous H said...

First of all, the $100,000 for the Carpet Bag Theatre should be diverted to the Actor’s Co-Op. The Co-Op could obviously put it to much better use than buying an old house. Next, why is it so hard for local theatres to have great websites. We live in a world where people goof off at work and decide what they are doing on the weekend through the internet. Please, Theatres of Knoxville, UPDATE, REORGANIZE, and IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITES……………

3:28 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

Can't somebody just find some UTK student who would love to build up their resume with doing this sort of work for free? Or a board member - that is what they are there for.

7:45 AM  

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